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​​​​​​​​​​Central Minnesota Ghost Hunters


Equipment/Methods:  We use a wide variety of equipment to aid in gaining scientific evidence in our investigations. New equipment is added all the time, to include the latest technology offered in this field.  This is a brief list of some of our equipment, and how it is used:

Digital voice recorders: Used to catch EVP's, or electronic voice phenomena. The recorder is turned on and set down while investigators ask questions. Time is then given for a possible response. Audio is then evaluated after the investigation, listening carefully for anything that cannot be accounted for.

Digital cameras: Digital cameras pick up higher and lower ends of the light spectrum, including some infrared and ultraviolet spectrums. It can see things your eyes are not able to, and increases the possibility of catching paranormal anomalies. 

Video cameras equipped with Nightshot (infrared): Video cameras also may catch things the human eye cannot, and can catch things we might not notice or might dismiss. The infrared capability allows us to record in complete darkness.

K-2 Meters: The lights on the K-2 can be used to communicate with spirits. They can use the lights to answer questions from investigators, such as lighting them to indicate "yes".

EMF gauges: Electromagnetic field detector- used to track the magnetic field of energy that surrounds an electrically charged object. A base reading is determined, so any areas of sudden change may be further investigated.

8 stationary infrared cameras with video monitor and hard drive: As with the video cameras, these are used to continuously record in complete darkness. These are hooked up to a monitor, and can be observed throughout the investigation.

Laptop: Used as a monitor for the infrared cameras, as a tool for research, and to store audio and video files.

Infrared thermometers: Used to detect cold spots, or temperature changes that may possibly indicate a presence. The theory is that ghosts absorb energy when they are present, causing the temperature to drop. A baseline reading is taken in order to determine if a sudden drop or rise has occurred. 

Illuminators: Give off infrared light, to extend the infrared capabilities of the video cameras.

Infrared Laser grid: Emits a laser grid visible in darkness. When focused on one area, allows us to detect anything crossing that area. This is possible by the light being blocked by objects,  crossing in front of the light. A video camera is focused on this area as well to back up any possible findings.

A ghost box is a communication tool used by some investigators to speak to the other side. Typically, a ghost box is a modified portable AM/FM radio that continuously scans the band.

EVP booster (EMF Stobe)

Annie doll trigger object: (lights if touched)

Train and EVP bear as trigger objects

 Thermal Imaging Camera  (able to view heat/cool)