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  We are currently seeking new cases. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about arranging an investigation.
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Upcoming Investigations:
Bar in North Metro  TBD 2016

October 2016- Bar and Grill- Claims of shadow people siting's,  TV'S turn on and off on their own,
personally heard a scream on a resent visit (only 3 of us in the building at the time) claims of a door blocked by a case of beer on the inside (only one way in and one way out) claims of clothing being tugged by something/someone unseen and more.

 Apartment complex in St. Paul  dtbd- Eerie feeling, apparitions been spotted, location has a lot of rich history .TBD

Moundsville May 2017
 Sedamsville Rectory May 2017
Trans Allegany Lunatic Asylum May 2017

Wisconsin cemetery- TBD apparition sightings, people being touched.

Private residencestrange feeling like someone watching  followed by uneasiness , orb like objects  appear in photographs ( orbs can be anything from water droplets to dust and more ) we will go in to see if we can ease this clients fears and educate them.

Completed Investigations:

Farrar school house Iowa May 2016- disembodied voices, shadows feelings of being touched
Missouri State Pen. May 2016 Shadows were seen, feelings of being touched,

Lemp Mansion  May 2016 claim of sightings of apparitions, shadows, objects moving

May 2015 Ohio State Reformatory. Mansfield revisit we captured on recorder which we did not hear with our own ears music, feeling of uneasiness ,many EVP'S and what sounded like someone dropping something on one of the beds while two investigators were in that cell.

May 2015 Waverly Hills Sanatorium - We look forward to a revisit to this location where we heard disembodied voices, loud bangs with command. shadow figures on floor 4.

May 2015 Octagon Hall - Claims of objects moving  re: doors and arm to a kettle, odd noises.. location is a historical location we look forward to investigating this site.

March 2015 Investigation with Claims of children running up and down halls ,giggling.tv changing channels feeling of uneasiness.

 Old  Poor farm- This location ha a lot of History. .2014 

Big foot  exploration
September 2014

Valisca Ax Murder house- Sept 2014

 Private residence Brooklyn Park- Doors opening and closing on their own, TV's turn on and off by themselves apparition has been seen on different occasions..Sept.2014

Private residence Brooklyn Park- Doors opening and closing on their own, TV's turn on and off by themselves apparition has been seen on different occasions..Sept.2014

Local Saloon Feb 2014  Moved to March 2014 -reports of where a young child has seen and spoken to
a spirit, lights turn on, pinball machines  found unplugged, when closed the night before thy were shut off by the switch and not unplugged. and much more

North Metro  private residence - voices being heard ,claims of being touched, objects moving on their own and shadows
COMPLETED March 2014

North Branch private residence - voices of children are being heard laughing and running ,objects moving and reappearing, bed shaking, knocking on the walls and feelings of being touched including our own.

Fridley private residence-shadow people are seen, objects moved, voices feeling of being touched

Private school-claims of being touched, voices being heard and objects moving.

 Faribault- October 2013 incredible location .. siting's of white balls of light, kll action at one location, another investigator reported being attacked.  trigger doll was very active location which we were able to get that on video.

Alexandria Bar - August, 2012 - Several claims of objects moving. Tray of spoons thrown off the bar. Balls of light being seen on camera. Claims of being touched. An aparition of a face and lights and radios turn on and off.

Circle Pines- private residence
March 19th, 2010
Reports of feeling a hand rubbing on legs while trying to sleep

Blaine-private residence
March 26th, 2010
Reports of uneasy feelings throughout home, lights flickering off and on

White Bear-private residence
May 1st 2010
Reports of apparitions, voices, cupboard doors opening, lights being turned on...

Billy's in Anoka
May 3rd 2010
Many reports by staff:
Eerie feelings, pictures on the walls being moved, lights, pagers, and t.v. going on and off, cases of beer stacked up against the inside of a door to a storage area- staff had to push and knock them down to enter- a red-headed lady seen in a window on the 3rd floor which is not in use, champagne glasses stacked into a pyramid while staff had their back turned, a cart being moved on its own, people being "touched"...

Blaine-private residence
May 8th 2010
Reports of an odd odor, believed to be a relative, that comes and goes, some smell it, some cannot...

Pine City- private residence
July 9th 2010
Reports of an apparition seen at the side of the bed, footsteps, voices

Stillwater- private residence
July 24th 2010
Reports of an apparition caught on photograph, footsteps, furniture moving, and shadow figures seen

Attica, New York
August 10th 2010
Claims of haunted barn

Dale, NY
August 15th 2010
Reports of an apparition of an old lady, claims of being touched, pets refuse to go in certain area of house

Ham Lake
December 2010
Private residence
Reports of a male apparition, gate moving on its own, orbs, other apparitions

Private Residence
January 2011
Reports of apparitions, voices, eerie feelings, objects being moved...
Findings: Evps (see audio/video page), and on video a cord was seen moving several times...see video footage of what we found!

Revisit to Billy's in Anoka
January 2011
Findings- A few Evps, not as much found this time around- pretty quiet!!

March 2011
Coon Rapids private residence
Reports of voices, apparitions, things moving...
Findings: While there investigating, a couple of us were touched, and we saw shadow figures...many evp's were found, and are posted on the Audio/video page.

April 2011
Private residence near Rochester
Reports of: Apparition of an older man wearing a flannel shirt and suspenders was seen while client was washing dishes, child in the home sees and speaks to a "Nick" and "Jerry" ? ...loud stomping heard in crawl-space attic above clients during night while trying to sleep, feelings of being touched.
Findings: Evps, several of us were touched while in the house, an apparition of a little girl was seen, heard a little girl's voice while investigating, growling and "wicked" laughing heard at the time of doing evp's and also caught on recording, one investigator was slapped on the top of his head-hard-while conducting evp session...

April 30th 2011
Returned to do overnight at home near Rochester
EVPs on Audio/video page

November 12th 2011 
Private Residence

August 13th 2011 
Private residence Oakdale

August 6th 2011
Private residence/old church

July 9th 2011
Private residence, Wisconsin farmhouse
Findings- evps, and video. See our FaceBook page for the video

February 2012
Private residence, Columbia Heights
Reports of: Apparitions seen in kitchen, seen at different times by two different people; noises coming from attic area, foggy figure seen in hallway.
Findings: Evps. No evidence of animals, etc found in attic, so noises remain unexplained. Cameras were used to film the attic space, and came up empty- also, no sign of animal droppings, or any crevices/open spaces where an animal or rodent could enter or exit the attic...??

Eastern State Penitentiary - May 2014. Al Capone stayed  here for 8 months, they have preserved his cell. shadows are seen. This location is where Brian H. of Ghost Hunters early seasons saw a shadow and yelled "Dude Run!" and was seen running out.

Mansfield Reformatory -  This is where the Movie "Shawshank Redemption" was filmed. May 2014

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville Kentucky  May 2014

Elem.  School-  reports of elevators opening and closing, siting's of a little boy, the feeling of gusts of wind running through clients, voices.. when no one else in the building. Objects moving on their own .

Cemetery and mortuary/crematorium:  Date TBD
Reports of doors closing, lights flickering, feelings of being watched inside buildings...
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