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  Amie-Founder and Investigator
My interest in the paranormal began at a very young age, after having had many personal experiences of which I could not explain. I have always hoped to find answers to my questions, and love listening to others share their experiences as well. I have put together a great team of people who share a similar interest, a quest for answers, and a desire to help others. 

  Danae-Founder and Investigator
I have been interested in the paranormal as long as I can remember.  I enjoy more of the scientific aspects of investigating. My goal is to help others experiencing unexplained phenomena to feel more at ease, and to try and find them answers to their questions, whether paranormal or not.

  Bob--Tech and Investigator
Hardware, Software, Networking and Security Professional with twenty four years experience using, troubleshooting and training others in cutting edge technology.  Even though I have had experiences, I still like to think of myself as a skeptic. With a technical background, I love to troubleshoot issues and love to know why or how something happens. I do have a very active imagination, which allows me to think outside the box, yet, I’m pretty firmly grounded and like to analyze data and research things before getting too excited about evidence. I feel the best evidence is data that can be matched to, or directly correlates with other evidence found. I’m not a huge fan of orbs and some EVPs. Most orbs can be dismissed as dust, but at the same time, some are hard to dismiss. Some EVPs have so much going on (movement, talking, and background noise) that it’s hard to verify it’s an actual EVP, and not background noise or cross contamination.

  Tim - investigator
Hi my name is Tim, I have been interested and intrigued by the paranormal for many years now. I have had many experiences that were paranormal in nature and have taken this path to try and get some answers and more understanding. Being a member of this team I hope to accomplish this along with others who seek he truth. I have gifts they come in the form of dreams ,feelings or visions. I am still learning and understanding these gifts and along this same path I hope to improve these gifts and understand them more. so come along let the journey begin -Tim


  Chris- Investigator / research
I am involved with the paranormal to gain some understanding of what cannot be explained and to help those who feel there is no one to turn to. I have had personal experiences since I was a young boy. I strive to collect evidence that can be validated and shown to others, collected in the most professional ways. My first priority is always to help those people that have strange  or uncomfortable situations and don't know where to turn. Your not alone.

  Kathleen- Investigator

  Coralee - Investigator -  Skeptic  when it comes to the paranormal ,looks for alternative answers before making any claim of paranoral using scientific methods for data and proof

Central MN 
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Central Minnesota  Ghost Hunters

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