Central Minnesota  Ghost Hunters

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OSR Singing.wav
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This was captured at Ohio Reformatory.. no one heard the music at the time
OSR Name.wav
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At Ohio Reformatory (Mansfield )

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Ohio Reformatory in Mansfield

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One of our investigators was assisting in cleaning a known haunted location after close  there was one other in the place at this time. we capture what sounds like  a scream.. this place does have a dark history.

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One of our investigators  captured this incredible  EVP IN Gettysburg. Almost sounds like a solder giving out his last name when asked "what is your name?"

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Captured at an old school.. what sounds t us as a small child

This was from a private residence...check it out- This one was quite a shock! Beware, it may be offensive to some...Starts out with Danae speaking to clients in the background, then there is kind of a "woosh" sound, then, well...What do you think??
*some of the feelings of the residents were that there was something "bad" attached to one of the clients, that didn't want the other client in the home. Was something trying to send a message?

This was from the same residence we investigated a couple of months ago. We heard a faint request for "help him..." ?

Another from this residence...sounds like "help me..." ?

Private residence- Good ship lollipop- (may need volume up high on this, but it's worth it!)
*this was exciting, being that the individual who had passed away in the home had been a huge Shirley Temple fan!!

Private residence- Danae speaks, then in comes "Help me"-

This was Bob and Amie in the dining room at Billy's. We were asking questions, and Amie asks, "Did you know the Dr.?" (in reference to a Dr. that tried to save a man shot in front of the building in the late 1800's- was the first murder to take place in Anoka) You will hear a faint "yes", then a louder "yes", then some more speaking that we were unable to make out the words...there is background noise from the bar, and the evp comes in as whispers...

This clip is also from Billy's. Amie, Danae, and Sarah were in a section of the building closed off to most- it is an area where there are still 4 remaining rooms from when the building was a hotel in the 1800's. The rooms are not restored, and are in very rough shape, but still fun to check out! We were in a hallway between the rooms, checking out something on the floor and talking about it- you can faintly hear a whisper, "beware"..., then "are you here?" twice, then a sigh...

Amie, Sarah, and Danae in the old hotel rooms again. Sarah says, "That's the door", and a whisper starts over her voice that sounds like, "shut the door"

The following videos are taken of Danae and Brian as we were about to wrap up our investigation at Billy's in Anoka. They were located in the center of the hallway of the original four Jackson Hotel rooms within Billy's.  Danae and Brian would ask questions, then suggested that the spirit move near the KII meter. Spirits are thought to be able to emit an electrical field.  When the KII meter detects the spirits' electrical field, the KII's array of lights will light to show the amount of electrical energy detected.  This allows us to ask questions, then for the spirits to respond to the questons by lighting the KII meter's lights.

Danae and Brian part 1

Danae and Brian part 2

Danae and Brian part 3
Very slow night investigating, but normally a very active location.  They have witnessed a entire tray of silverware get lifted and flung off of the bar, wine glasses moved in the hanging rack. Voices and coughing in empty rooms.  Balls of light being seen on camera. Claims of being touched. An aparition of a face and lights, radios turn on and off, several people get chills and goosebumps. 
three of us were up in Nurse Emma's room we were asking questions and we heard this response with our won ears
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